Great Royale Wars - Clash of Block App Reviews

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There’s a difference

Between clash royal and this game there is a difference clash royal is more polished unlike this game EVEN THE CARDS ARE THE SAME

LOVE IT...but

You sorta copied clash a clans

Good stuff

You need to fix your game, freezes all the time something is wrong with it!!!!

It’s OK but it still rip off of Clash Royale

It’s OK but I still prefer a Clash Royale more and Xdpo is a hacker with maxed everything and can u Make a button in in the game that people can send the names of all the hackers if u do that I give a five stars


If I cluod I ban from App Store that’s how bad it is


Can’t believe they are able to get this game popular ABSOLUTE copy of clash Royale and that’s why I downloaded it because it’s funny how pathetic this is I can’t believe someone made this without thinking its a joke. This app doesn’t deserve to make money. Shame on the creators


Definitely needs an update. Everything was fine until a week or so ago when opening chests and donating makes the game lag so hard it force quits itself. Even after I finish a match it does that. Please fix so I can enjoy this again

Copyright Infringement

I downloaded it just to say Clash Royale is so much better and it’s free. How dare they totally rip off Clash Royale.

Clash royal rip off

I hope the ppl who made this game catch aids and die slow

Copy Cat of Supercell’s clash royal

This game is pretty much if Minecraft and clash royal had an ugly baby and it was this game think of something more original and don’t copy another company’s game

Knockoff but fun

Huge knockoff of clash royal but still a very fun game to play

Was Awesome

Love this game, way better than clash royal Now all of sudden the game lags to load runs extremely slow. Need to get fixed ASAP. No help from the designer. Piss off what a piece of crap game. Like I said was fun until level 7 reached. Now can’t even play. It won’t load.


I've played clash royale so many times and I love it! My favorite game! But this, this is the most lame ripoff I've ever played they literally have the exact same cards. Worst game I've ever played DO NOT GET

Deserves zero stars

Horrible game. Besides the fact that it is an exact copy of a different game, it is laggy, easily hacked and basically unplayable. One of the worse game offered in the App Store. Not worth time, energy or money (which apparently the developers didn’t have when making this game and I use the word game loosely when referring to this app).


I got this game a few months after I downloaded Clash Royale and it didn’t take me a while to realize it was a complete rip-off from Clash Royale. But what makes the case even worse is when this game is very prone to hacks. Not to mention the cheap ads. This game has very low quality and if this game didn’t cheat off of Clash Royale, I may have given this game 3 stars.

Like clash with Royale but easy and fun

So easy and so amazing great game


So I have a question for the developers of the game, I have taken my account and moved it onto two devices but when I make any sort of change on my iPhone it doesn’t happen on my iPad and the same is true when I do something on the iPad it wouldn’t transfer to my iPhone, the main problem is this, I bought 19.99$ worth of gems. It’s only on my iPhone and not on the iPad. The total on there is still 300 gems instead of 3000 like on my iPhone. How long am I expected to wait for the accounts to properly sync together and be one. Because if this isn’t possible you are about to get sued curtesy of me, for false advertising and violating the agreement with Apple. I hope we can resolve this in a civil manner. As I’d hate to tare down a game I actually somewhat enjoy thank you and have a nice day. Btw update this game plzzz it’s due for one. And it couldn’t hurt if you simply rehash a few cards into one and give it a massive drop number people will be sucked back in. Provided you can re-promote the game as being new and fun. Etc upgrade graphic, add more clans rewards. And provide a subscription service things like this would be easily to incorporate and could lead to getting a like new game at a used game price. Hope to hear back soon. I’ll be awaiting a response thank you and have a nice day. Please resolve game issues regardless of if you intend to invest more or not. It is a necessity. Do That or remove all the abilities to make purchases Or remove the game from App Store many opportunities and choices please I’d hate to waist my own time for $40-$50 but to provide that no one else is “scammed “ I’m more then willing to waist some time. Negligence is not an excuse. So I hope it’s not what you are betting on.


How could do a ripoff of clash royale you are idiots.The moment i started to play i had the green bomber and his stats are exactly like the Clash royale bomber If people say supercell made a ripoff look at the date this game was made a few months later and also i start with 0 trophies and my enemy is level 8 and has his cards at max level he was a hacker

Rip off

If u like this game, download clash royale. Clash royale has much better graphics and game modes. This is just a rip off of clash royale.

Poor balance

This game need a lot more balance on the cards. Also, players with hoard decks are irritating. Players who use hoard decks basically have no skill lol

Game not working correctly

I spent money on this game it was working for a while now it freezes and takes for ever to load up what’s going on ?

I want my progress back

Thats it.


A very cheap knockoff of Clash Royale. Eff CR and eff Supercell. I’m uninstalling them and sticking with this!


You should be able to get legendarys from chest

Don't bother

Don't bother, the developers left this game a long time ago. Last update was almost a year ago. Game is super glitchy when playing against a real person versus playing against a computer generated opponent. If I could give zero stars, I would.

Fake clash Royale



After my training fights my first ever real battle was hacked. It's sooo sad to because the games lags out 2/3 matches anyway. So, my 1st match was against a level 4 with 476 trophies. I am level 1 with 0 trophies. He takes my right tower. I get a nice push on left and takes his left tower..... Than the games freezes for a few seconds.... His left tower is now back at 100% health. So dumb. Delete asap.


What a rip off

Great but..

This is a decent game but what really upsets me is how overpowered the necromancer is in realm 1. It really has no counters in realm one troop set. Other than that, I sometimes play it instead of Clash Royale

NO WAIT, read this review

I case you have been living under a rock please allow me to inform you that this is a direct rip-off of the free to play game known as Clash Royale and I can safely say that this is the WORST rip-off ever seen I am currently sitting at 3533 trophies as of May 27th 2018 and I have been playing for a full 1.5 years, the reason I am so angered at this game is because there are ZERO original ideas or concepts, every card in this game is a DIRECT rip-off of one in Clash Royale there is NOTHING that is original or different than the real game. The worst part is that some people think that supercell ripped-off clash of blocks and that some people have spent money and are supporting this game! All in all this game is a complete disgrace and should be removed from the App Store (don’t download btw) so just get the real game: Clash Royale

Best game But .....

This game is the best and it the original Royale game but the red cubes that explode out of troops may make my mom delete this but I love this game being a original Minecrafter


I’m so OP because I bout something for one buck and got two legendary but this game is still really fun even if I did not have any legendary!!!!!


This is a copy of the hit clash Royale



Worse game ever

This game is a total knock off of Minecraft and Clash royale and with HORRIBLE graphics😡👎🏻⚡️⚡️🔥

Terrible game mechanics

If you are going to completely rip off Clash Royale, then at least have the decency to copy the game mechanics. Nothing latches on to anything. For example, you have to put an inferno tower directly is an opponents path for them to lock on. If you place it off center like in the real clash, your opponent just walks right by. So stupid.

Hackers and Bots have ruined it.

There are so many extreme levels players that have everything maxed through either hacking with a small amount of normal people playing. Bots ruin most of the game it feels like with no opposition. This is a fun game but frustrating due to a lack of control.

What a joke ...

Looked like a similar and far superior game, but it is not. As soon as you start to advance in levels, you’ll fight “people” with two time higher. Or, you’ll fight levels below you with fighters that you have never seen before. Nothing more than $$$ click bait.





Pretty good

I like it because I have a hacked version!

Rip off

This a rip of clash Royale the towers look the same

Please Read Before Installing

This app is a huge ripoff of Clash Royale. If you are considering downloading this app, don’t even try. Every single card is a ripoff of Clash Royale. It even has the same card rankings for crying out loud! Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary are all in this game! Even worse, it’s a ripoff of TWO bestseller editor’s choice award games: Minecraft AND Clash Royale. I see so many reviews about “Oh, this is such an Original game! How could Supercell EVER rip this off? NO!!! Just search the release dates for crying out loud! Clash Royale was released January 4, 2016, and this horrible ripoff was released March 1. I hope you read this entire review and don’t waste your money on this.

But bad but need a lot of improvements

I saw a review saying CR is a rip-off of this game. That’s ridiculous. This game seems to be out for less than two years while CR has been out for at least 4 or 5 years. There are hackers in this game. I have battled someone but played the same legend card together. And a person I played with, there was a 3 seconds delay to drop my card. I can confirm that because I played him twice in a roll. This doesn’t happen when I play anyone else. Good thing is that they don’t lingering around. I am guessing they get bore of fighting bots. So if you meeting one, just come back in 10 or 15 minutes. I had a tie game with a hacker :) I don’t mind play against the bot. There isn’t many players in this game. But this game really lacking updates and some basic features- 1. No clan or player rankings 2. Clan search feature is useless. You can only search by name but if there is no way to get clan info how do players even know what name to search for?? 3. No tournament. Well, if there is very few players playing this game, tournament won’t work. May be if you start this feature, may be more ppl will start playing it. 4. Need more arena. 5. No battle history. There is something I found pretty funny. The BEST deal gem - $99.99 for 15400 gems. BUT, if you simply purchase two $39.99 and a $19.99 for total of $99.97 you will get 16950 gems!! The BEST deal isn’t really that great of deal. LOL! I give 3 stars because it is playable.

It’s a knockoff

This game is stupid it’s just a pixelated Clash Royale and it’s so stupid for the graphics and play style

Copy right strike

This game is not original is copy’s all the clash royale cards. That’s just wrong!

Can you please fix this problem?

For some strange reason one time my a opponent left the battle and I was like,I can finally win a battle I had 10 blocks and I tried to spawn in the Minotaur which costs 5 blocks,when I tried to spawn it in and it said on the screen,NOT ENOUGH BLOCKS,and I was freaked out I got really upset,so can you please fix this?

Horrible game

This is such a rip off of clash royale

Great game

It’s a really good game but it’s a shame that people think clash Royale is the original. Clash royale coppied this game.

Poor copy

Looks like one person made it in gamemaker.

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